7 of the Best Styles for Oval Faces


If you have an oval face, you might think there are not any fashionable hairstyles for your facial shape. You could not be more wrong. The oval face shape is one of the most desirable face shapes because nearly every hairstyle looks good. You can highlight your facial features with most of the hairstyles. When you are ready to try something new, these are seven styles that will make your face look amazingly beautiful:

1. Get a Bob Cut

Victoria Beckham brought the style back to life. It may not look like a versatile hair cut, but it really is. You can add a hair decoration, add volume, curl it, or add waves. The pin straight look is very edgy and a big bouffant look can be done by using a blow drier and big round brush.

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Image Source: pinterest

2. Get a Bob Cut

If you want to go big, then go short. The little pixie cut is extremely fashionable and very sexy, which is why so many celebrities are sporting this look. It is perfect for oval faces and the cut has some versatility, too.

3. Fringy Bangs Look Great

Why not experiment with some pretty, fringy bangs? If you have a low forehead, you should avoid the look, but women with oval faces and high foreheads look amazing with bangs. A side-swept style is professional and modern. You can make your bangs look classic or edgy with a few easy-to-use hair products.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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