7 of the Best Tv Couples After Which You Can Model Your Relationships



TV couples have it made. Since the couples are played by actors and actresses, they can leave all of their problems when they leave the sound stage. However, since television shows are trying to recreate real like, the couples do have on-screen issues that real couples can learn from and apply to their own relationships at home. These are several of the best couples that have something to offer to real couples:

1. Lily And Marshall

How I Met Your Mother did not reach cult-following status without good reason. They called each other adorable nicknames – Lily Pad and Marshmallow. They also share everything with each other. They can tough it out and survive even the most challenging situations. In the first season, they break up so that Lily can work on her dream to be an artist; however, they get back together. As TV couples go, they really do love each other and real life couples could certainly model a healthy relationship after theirs.