7 of the Best Tv Couples After Which You Can Model Your Relationships


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2. Cory And Topanga

The show Boy Meets World has one of the best relationship. The one between Cory and Topanga is a special romance between two people who loved each other from childhood. Their little moments in school, the special proposal at graduation, the wedding, and dorm room in college proved to be magical. Even though they had some challenges, they remained together and that’s enough to inspire couples everywhere.

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3. Ross And Rachel

Who can forget the true love between Ross and Rachel. His frustration with loving her since high school and the fact that she was completely clueless made them one sweet couple. It was just destiny that would end up together, which they did. They even had a daughter together. It took a long time, but the couple was destined to be together from the beginning. Ross persevered and got what he wanted in the end, true love.

4. Nick And Jess

The New Girl is becoming a popular show for a variety of reasons, but the biggest is the chemistry between Nick and Jess. Being great friends is the first step and sexual chemistry is the next. The fact that they are complete opposites makes the relationship even more enjoyable to watch. This relationship is one of the best ways to see that it’s ok to be friends first, because you can keep the friendship and then move on to loving each other romantically. Their relationship will keep people watching the show for many years to come.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE