7 of the Most Bizarre Beauty Treatments Loved by Celebrities


The days of the simple facial massage and chemical peel are long gone. Now, celebrities are turning to some very unusual methods to keep their skin looking healthy and young. Many of these methods and treatments are just plain bizarre. Everyone likes to look good, but these methods are just plain strange. To keep the paparazzi from noticing any and all flaws, celebrities are turning to unusual, almost medieval methods of facial skin care. Here are a few of the strangest:

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1. Blood Skincare

While there is not a doubt that Kim Kardashian has gorgeous skin, it is easy to question her methods. Her beautiful face and skin keeps her appearing on magazine covers, so she needs to keep it looking great. Her unusual method of skin care is the “vampire facial” which earns it name because it actually involves blood. The aesthetician extracts blood directly from the patient, then injects it right back into the face. The idea behind the vampire facial is that it makes the skin look young and healthy.

2. Leeches

Most people think of leech treatments as being archaic and cruel. This is not the case with skin care. Celebrities like Demi Moore use leeches to detox her blood to keep her skin looking young. Does it work? She does look at least 20 years younger than her real age. Due to the controversial nature of the practice, you might have to leave the country to find someone to do it.

3. Snake Venom

If blood and leeches are not medieval enough, you can always use snake venom. Gwyneth Paltrow uses a face cream with snake venom because it is rumored to prevent wrinkles and keep the skin on face tight and youthful. You can certainly expect to have a little tingling when you apply this unusual facial product.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE