7 Busted Myths About Obesity


There are many things that people think about obesity. There are a number of things that people think about losing weight. Often it is one myth that perpetuates another that gets blown out of proportion until all of a sudden it is the new “it” thing to watch out for. There are a few myths that might stand in the way of you reaching your goals. Take the time to know the truth about overweight and weight gain so you can be successful.

1. Small Changes Boast Big Results

Yes, small changes can lead to big results but when it comes to exercise you need to challenge your body. The small changes get you going but you have to push yourself too if you want to keep getting better. You can do your regular workout days but challenge yourself on other days to keep your body in a state of high metabolism and weight maintenance.

2. Sex is Slimming

It is a form of exercise, yes, but it is not the high calorie burning exercise you want it to be. Most sex lasts an average of six minutes and burns about fifty calories. There are things you can do that will last longer and burn more but it doesn’t count as your exercise for the day.

3. Loosing Weight Quickly will Only Spell Failure

While this can be true in some cases, there are actually studies that show those who lost a bunch quickly were more apt to stick with the program because of their pleasure with the results. In addition, they gained less back. You might gain some of it back but the lower end weight of losing it fast is often worth it.