7 Classy Ways to Wear Neon Polish



There is a right way and a wrong way to wear neon polish. It can appear very tasteful or very tacky depending on how you apply it. The neon trend is still going on and thankfully there is a way to make it look classy instead of trashy. Consider the following tips in order to perfect the neon look.

1. Keep your Nails Short

By wearing neon in small doses you may actually enjoy the spontaneity of it. The key to pulling of these shades is by keeping your nails short instead of wearing it on long acrylic. Trim up your nails so that they are almost almond-shaped. It can look scary when you have long neon polished talons.






2. Soft Neon Look

Acid neon colors can make your nails look a bit too “rave” like, which is why there are alternative shades. Don’t choose the acid colors. Find the soft neon looks that are creamier and softer. Find a polish that has a matte finish instead of a gloss to add some class to your polish job.

3. Less is More

To put this simply, don’t overdo the neon. Make sure that if you are going to wear a bold polish color such as this, you avoid an outfit that clashes with it. You should barely wear any accessories and your outfit should be neutral, modern and chic.

4. Maintain the Color

Neon nails are bound to attract a lot of attention to your nails and hands. If it is chipped or polished it is going to take away from the tasteful paint job. Clean up the chipped polished as quickly as you can and keep your nails trimmed. If you need to, carry the bottle around to perfect the look in case of an accident.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE