7 Crazy and Unknown Facts



It’s always exciting to learn something new, especially when it is a bizarre fact. There are so many things in this world that are unknown and many of us don’t make it a habit to uncover the crazy things that can actually happen to us or anyone else. The following are extremely interesting facts that you may want to remember just to have gained knowledge or so that you can make conversation with someone else.

1. Ostriches

We all known that ostriches tend to bury their head in everything because that’s the type of bird that they are. Can you believe that over a period of over 80 years, there has not been on case in which an ostrich has buried their head underneath the sand? In a study that was conducted on 200,000 ostriches not one of them took an interest in doing so.

2. Sneezing

Although it feels really good to sneeze at times, it is actually a very dangerous thing that our body does if we are not ready for it. If you sneeze too hard when you are in a certain bodily position it can actually fracture a rib. If you are trying not to sneeze and you suppress it you can actually rupture a bodily blood vessel in either your neck or your head. If you do that, it can kill you. If anything, do not suppress your sneezes and make sure that you are not in an extremely awkward position when your body wants to release that air.
3. Stan Lee

If you don’t know who Stan Lee is, he is an American comic book creator and writer, actor, voice and television host. He’s extremely hilarious. The crazy thing is that he has appeared in every single Marvel movie there’s ever been. For the comic book experts this is no surprise, but to those of you who are new to the world it’s definitely an interesting fact so spread amongst your peers.