7 Crazy and Unknown Facts


4. Food vs. Water

Of course water is vital to our bodies in order for us to survive. We have to have water every single day because our body is made up of it mostly. If the amount of water in your body is reduced by a mere 1% then your body will appear to be thirsty. If it reduces as much as 10% you will die – on the other hand, you can go without having food for up to a whole month before you die.

5. Holding your Breath

Did you know that even if you force yourself to hold your breath for too long, you cannot die. This will definitely kill a few brain cells that you have but know that if someone tries to pull that card on you, it’s not going to work. The only way that you could die from a lack of air is if someone is trying to choke you or drown you underwater.


6. Coca-Cola
As if there weren’t enough chemicals and additives in Coca-Cola, did you know that it would actually be green if coloring weren’t added into the mix? That sounds pretty gross, doesn’t it.

7. Crying

Humans are the only beings that can cry because we are all burdened with emotions! While some don’t look at that as being a burden, it definitely gets old after we feel the need to cry far too often than we should be!