7 Damaging Chemicals Commonly Used on Hair



The reason why it’s difficult for  women  to maintain and grow out their hair is due to the chemicals that can be found in many hair products. In order to avoid these chemicals you should know where they can be found and what they do to your luscious locks. Some of the most common chemicals used are the following.

1. Chemical Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

This is otherwise referred to as sulfate or SLS. This is a harsher soap which makes your shampoo produce all of those bubbles in your hair. There are some people who thing that the suds produced are important but this is actually a chemical that should be avoided. There are harsh ingredients in shampoos that contain SLS and it will remove more than it should from your hair. This exposes your hair to harmful chemicals in the long run and it strips your hair of the oil that it needs to stay healthy.





2. Fragrance Wear

There are plenty of bad products in perfume wear and it can actually give people allergic reactions or changes in their behavior. The manufacturers of these products don’t have to specify the names of the Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "511" in their fragrance and it is actually completely legal to do this. The best way to avoid these chemicals is by using a formula that is labeled “formulated without.”

3. Tea and Dea

This is a chemical that is actually used to bring a pH level down and turn a product into a neutral ingredient. TEA and DEA are easily absorbed into the body and can cause disruption in hormones and illnesses. When these ingredients end up in your hair products then it can really damaged your health and your hair. These are harmful ingredients you should avoid at all cost. It can cause irritation to the scalp and bad allergic reactions.


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