7 Destinations for the Solo Traveler


If you are a single person, there is no reason you should avoid traveling. In fact, solo traveling is very enjoyable for a variety of reasons, but mostly because you can do whatever you want without needing to compromise with someone else. While some destinations are geared more towards families or couples, there are many safe destinations for solo travelers and these seven are some of the best:

1. Australia

The Land Down Under is full of people who love to travel and they make solo traveling pleasant. Australia has a well-designed transportation infrastructure that makes it easy for travelers to see the entire country even traveling by air. Australia is a safe country for all travelers and the major tourist attractions like the Sydney Opera House and Bondi Beach are great choices for single travelers, too.


 2. Caribbean Cruise

Many people think that cruises are only for families or couples, but many cruise lines provide unique experiences for single travelers. A Caribbean Cruise offers a great opportunity for solo travelers to enjoy the breezes off of the sea and the island culture. Whether you visit Puerto Rico or the Turks and Caicos or Jamaica or St. Maarten, you will be so enthralled with the food, casinos, entertainment, and sights, that you will not think twice about being on your own.

3. Costa Rica

Solo travelers who love to experience the great outdoors should visit Costa Rica. The rivers, beaches, volcanoes, and jungles provides something for everyone.

4. Iceland

Iceland may not be your first choice for a vacation, but the country will take your breath away. From the geothermal baths in the arctic climate to the northern lights, solo travelers will be in awe along with very safe in beautiful Iceland.