7 Different Ways to Create Curls


Have you ever been curious as to how to create curls without doing any damage to your hair? Many ladies question how they can get the style that they want without doing any damage to their Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "7-reasons-long-hair-rocks". We all want luscious locks but hate to bother with any curling irons to prevent heat damage. There are many ways to create curls without doing the damage.

1. Braid your Hair

Creating braids is a quick and an easy way to create curls without adding any heat to your hair. You can start off with a damp section and do individual braids. If you do smaller braids you will have tighter curls and fewer braids will create loose curls. If you sleep in them over night it will allow them to dry. Take them out in the morning, spritz them with curl spray and they will stay beautiful throughout the day.

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2. Bantu Braids

A Bantu knot works the same way as a normal braid does. Instead of braiding each section you will twist the hair around until it starts to create a knot. When the knot is tight, pin it down to your head and sleep in it. After that take it out and your style is ready.


Image Source: abeautifulmess

3. Bun Style

If you want a different type of curl you can let your hair dry in a bun. This is a great way to get a wonderful loose curl. All that you have to do is twist your hair up at night and allow it to dry or put styling product in it. You can also wear a bun throughout the day at work for waves that are a bit sexier.

4. Rag Style Curls

In order to create rag curls you will need a couple of pieces of material. Cut strips from an old shirt and section your hair. Slowly start at the ends of them, roll your hair up around the rag to your head. After, secure the curl by knotting your hair with a rag.


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