7 Different Ways to Create Curls Without Heat



1. Braiding Your Hair

This is one of the simplest ways to create curls without using heating tools. While your hair is wet you can apply styling gel to the hair and then braid your hair all over. Apply the satin scarf to your hair and on the next day take your hair down and you will have curly hair for styling.

2. Use Drinking Straws

One popular hairstyle for those who want curly hair without heat is the “straw set” and this hairstyle is achieved by washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner and then wrapping sections of your hair around drinking straws while the hair is wet.






You would then let the hair air dry before taking the straws out and styling according to your preference.


Image Source: howtohairgirl

3. Put Your Hair in a Wet Bun

When you wash your hair, apply leave in conditioner to your hair and gently comb the tangles out your hair. Once you do this, you would put your hair in a tight bun and let it air dry for five to seven hours. After your hair dries, take down the bun and you will have soft loose curls.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE