7 Effective Nail Care Tips



It’s often that people think it’s unnecessary to maintain their nails as often as they maintain everything else. You may not realize it but people look at your nails often even if you don’t. Whether you have polished them or you are in needs of tips on how to keep them in great condition, the following 7 techniques are effective in keeping them in great condition.

1. Cuticle Care

There are too many people that insist on pushing down their cuticles while taking care of their nail beds. This is actually a bad thing to do being that you can get a fungal infection inside of the bed. The best way to care for your cuticles is by trimming them off after you have soaked them in a conditioning solution. Do not shove them down toward the bottom of your nail. Leave them where they are or snip them.





2. Knowing How to File

There is a right way and the wrong way to file your nails. You will need to start from the corner of your nail and file toward the center one way. Do not go two separate ways as if it were a see saw because this is a way to weaken them. You should saw them one way so that no damage is done. Going to school for this type of thing is the only way to know how to do it being that no one else instructs you how to file the “right way.”

3. Base and Top Coats

It makes a huge different to apply a base and top coat if you want your manicure to last. This is going to make the polish stick to your finger nail. The top coat is going to keep the polish from chipping off. Apply a couple of layers of the top coat. Lots of layers of both will prevent your polish from chipping and your nails from splitting.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE