7 Essential Nail Colors



If you’re the type to get bored with your nail color easily, there are 7 must-have nail colors that beauty experts are recommending. If you’re ready for some new ones, the following are of quality ingredients and they will definitely make you stand out this year.

1. Silver Hue

Although many people don’t consider silver, it is a fantastic color to put on your nails during any season. It’s especially popular during fall and winter being that it ties in best with a black outfit or a cool based outfit.





If your clothing has a brown or gold base to it then the silver will clash with it. Stick to cool colors or black and your nails will look perfect.

2. Black Hue

Black is one of those colors that you cannot go wrong with. Some people tend to think that it is too harsh or to gothic; this is farthest from the truth. Although it isn’t for everyone it’s something that can look extremely sophisticated and fashion forward when it is worn during the cold seasons and when it is paired up with the right outfit. This is a versatile color which can make your hands appear more petite and feminine.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE