7 Exciting Nail Trends for The Fall



So fall is just around the corner and you have been sporting your favorite summer nail polish designs and colors. But now you should consider which nail polish trends are going to look fabulous for the fall and if you are not sure about the trends, you can read a few beauty magazine articles on the topic. Another idea is to ask friends which fall nail polish trends would work the best for your personality. For those who think black is not a good nail polish color, think again because more women are doing creative designs with black nail polish.

1. Goth Nails With Decorative Accents
If you are into all things goth, you can celebrate your passion for this subculture by wearing Goth-based nails with light accents.




For example, you can paint your nails black or dark brown and then apply tiny beads or Goth-like images on the nails.

2. Nails With Color Near The Tip
This is going to be a very popular nail art trend for the fall and here are some neat color combinations. For those who are into earth tones, you can paint your nails a dark gray and then paint the tip a teal green. Other good combinations include white/black colored tip, gold/red colored tip, and white/metallic silver tip.

3. Jewels on Nails
Another hot nail art trend for the fall is the nails with jewels glued to them. While you would not wear these nails to a job interview, you can sport these nails when going to the club or while at a costume party.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE