7 Exciting Nail Trends for The Fall


4. Ombre Art
Ombre nail art is a kind of nail art where the nail artist starts with one nail color at the top then it gradually blends in with the second nail color at the bottom of the nail. If you are getting ombre nails, make sure you choose an artist that has many years of experience in doing this type of work.

5. Glittery Nails
Nothing gives your nails the wow factor like glittery nails and most drugstores and beauty stores carry affordable and beautiful glitter-based nail polish. To get the best effect on your nails, you should start by painting your nails a solid color then applying the glitter nail polish to it.

6. Fishnet Design for Nails
If you like to wear fishnet leggings and stockings, why not take this love to a new level by wearing your nails in a fishnet design? Fishnet nails are not just for those who are bikers or who sport Goth clothing. You can sport this look if you wear hip-hop clothing, if you are attending a Halloween party or if you just love to express your individuality through nail art.

7. Minimalist and Natural
Another hot fall trend in nail art is the natural-looking and minimalist nails and these nails look unassuming yet charming at the same time. In conclusion, all of these fall nail art trends would appeal to everyone who loves to decorate their nails.