7 Exciting Themes for Your Baby Girl’s Room


As your baby girl is a princess, there are some things you should always have in her bedroom. Therefore, in this article, I discuss some bedroom ideas which appeal to her girly side and fit her personality. Whether your little girl has a more, err, sophisticated style, or really does love princesses, it is still possible for you to create a stunning space for her. With these baby girl bedroom ideas, you will make your baby girl feel special.

1. Princess Theme

Most young girls see themselves as princesses and you can give your baby girl an early start indreaming of becoming a princess by creating a princess theme for her room. Pink is an idealcolor for a princess-themed room but if you are unconventional, you can paint her walls light yellow, white, lavender, light brown or even gold. Purchase fairtytale themed wall decals andpaste them on the walls. Place a white canopy bed in your daughter’s bedroom for a moreprincess-like look.


 2. Forest Theme With Floral Accents

If you want your daughter’s bedroom to resemble a garden or forest, this is a great way to decorate her room. Paint the walls a powder blue to represent the blue sky and buy cloud-shaped wall decals along with flower and tree decals to put on the walls. Place a bamboo maton the bedroom carpet to resemble the environment and place fresh flowers such as roses, orchids and tulips near her bed.