7 Eye Makeup Ideas



1. Putting On Eye Makeup When You Are Over 50

As you age your eyebrows thin out so when putting on eye makeup, you want to apply a dark colored eyebrow color to the eyebrows to create the illusion of thick eyebrows. Since you get dark circles from time to time, you would put on concealer underneath your eyes to hide the circles and bags.

2. Wear False Eyelashes

If you have very small eyes and you want to create the illusion of bigger eyes, you should wear false eyelashes.




You can find false eyelashes at most beauty supply stories and in addition to the false eyelashes, you can also buy a kit that has the tools you need to attach the false eyelashess to your regular eyelashes.

3. Glittery Eyeshadow

You do not have to wear the same solid colored eyeshadow every day because you can add the “wow” factor to your eyes for your next costume party by wearing glittery eyeshadow. If the store you visit does not have glittery eyeshadow, you can buy a solid colored eyeshadow then add a few sprinkles of the glitter to the eyeshadow. Some good colors for glittery eyeshadow.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE