7 Fabulous Grey Tones to wear in the Fall


You don’t have to be reading the fifty shades of grey to know that grey nail polish is all the rage when the weather starts to cool down. These are contemporary colors that go with almost everything. They are chic and have a very sophisticated edge to them yet look young enough. This is a list that will provide 7 great tones for you to wear with any outfit and any color.

1. Warm grey

The first color that you should try is a warm grey which has some yellow undertones so that it blends in well with the tone of your skin. This is neutral, warm and it’s perfect for the season. The colors in a warm grey are very complimentary.


 2. Charcoal grey

The charcoal grey is a different shade, it’s a little bit darker although it isn’t too dark, and it isn’t too light. When you put this on it makes for a dramatic mood, and the intensity of it goes fantastic with cold-weather outfits. This is an elegant and a classy shade.

3. Graphite grey

If you are looking for a color that has a little bit of steel look to it then consider the graphite grey which has a high shine polish. It finishes with lacquer and there is an edgy metallic look to it that gives it a fantastic contemporary feel. This is one of the best nail polishes for the fall time when you’re ready to make a big statement.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE