7 Facts about Red Hair



People with red hair have some very unusual myths that are only about their hair. These myths are both fun and insulting, but they are very interesting, too.

1. Redheads Become Vampires

The ancient Greeks thought that red heads would be blood sucking vampires. Even though the myth had no basis in fact, the Greeks believed for longer than they should have.




2. No Way, Period

Even though this is physically impossible, people actually thought that redheaded children were conceived when women were menstruating. Science has proven that this cannot happen.

3. They are unlucky

Not only did the Greeks have strange myths, but the Egyptians did, too. They thought that redheaded people were unlucky. The Ancient Egyptians offered the redheads in their communities as sacrifices to the gods and they were also killed other rituals, simply because of their hair. On the flip side, the Romans took redheads as slaves because they thought redheads were lucky.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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