7 Fantastic Glitter Polishes



If you’re in search of a fun weekend look and you want something that’s eye popping, you can’t go wrong with glitter in your nail polish. Whether you have a glitter coat on it stands out just a bit more especially when it’s shining in the sun. There are a range of colors and brands to choose from that are popular this year in the world of nail color.

1. Traffic Stopper by OPI

Here’s a polish that you can usually only find at a beauty store such as Sephora for $9.50. This is a polish that is made up of chunks of copper glitter which has been suspended into a lacquer polish. Here is a warm and inviting hue which is very suitable for various skin tones. The polish can be applied as a top coat or added onto your nails in a few layers for an intense glitter appearance.






2. Gold at Forever21

This is an iridescent gold color which isn’t necessarily bold but it is beautiful. This is a shimmering gold which is neutral and has confetti particles mixed into it. This is enough shine so that it stands out but a subtle shimmer so that it isn’t overbearing. It can be worn quite easily as a daytime or evening look.


Image Source: chicfactorgazette

3. Deborah Lippman Ruby Red Slippers

Although this is a pricey bottle of polish at $16.00 it is a bold glitter. This has a black base to it and tiny red glitter particles mixed into the base. If you put two coats of this on it will give you a sophisticated and fun look for any occasion. This is a quality color that doesn’t chip or split.