7 Fantastic Glitter Polishes


4. Disco Mix Models Own

This polish can be purchased online at asos.com. As a glittery polish this is a formula that has multiple colors mixed into it. Some of the best colors are the ones that have various particles. This disco mix has bright purple, magenta and emerald glitter and it is a long lasting coat which is perfect after two layers are applied.

5. OPI Nicole

This color can be found at Target. It is a bold blue which definitely turns your nails up a notch. This glitter nail polish is DBP and free of harsh chemicals. Put a few of these layers on in order to get the best glitter polish appearance.


6. Forever 21 Disco nights

The great thing about Forever21 is the cheap nail polish colors that they have. At $2.80 you can purchase Disco nights which is a fashionable color. It looks like a disco ball and is the perfect party color.

7. Arabesque NARS

NARs is a bit more pricey at $17.00 per bottle. This is a sophisticated glamour. It contains pink glitter particles in it and it has been suspended into a sheer base hue. This is chip resistant and it has an added UV protection. The color is subtle but it’s perfect for a daytime look.