7 Fantastic Ways to Incorporate Animals Into Nail Art



If you are an animal lover, you are probably thinking about creative ways to express your love for these funny and loyal creatures. You can show off your appreciation for your favorite animals by wearing animal based nail art. You can find this kind of nail art at online retailers and at arts and crafts stores. Here are seven ideas for wearing animal art.

1. Animal Print Nail Art

You do not have to paint images of animals on your nails because you can have animal prints on your nails, and they do not have to be in the usual colors of black, white or brown. Some people apply green, red, purple or yellow animal print art to their nails. You can paint the animal prints on your nails yourself or you can buy animal print decals.






2. Dalmatians

These cute black and white dogs can be painted or applied to your nails in the form of decals if you own a dalmatian or if you love the way they look in magazines and in movies. Dalmatian nail art designs look nice with black/white outfits and since many dog owners put red collars around Dalmatians, you can paint red dots on your nails along with the dog images.

3. Panda Bears

Panda bears are so cute to look at in the zoo but you can purchase panda nail art decals or have the nail artist paint images of panda bears on your nails. This design is a good way to express your interest in the conservation of panda bears if you are an environmentalist who raises awareness of this issue.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE