7 of the Female Celebrities Who Should Be Comedians



It is so refreshing to know that female celebrities are no just eye candy on the screen. Some of the most entertaining female celebrities are funny as well as good actresses who can command the screen. The world of comedy has been dominated by men in the last decades, but there are several women who can and should become comedians. This list is full of women who can handle the big screen and should be more than capable to manage the comedy club stage, too:

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1. Mindy Kaling

If you have ever watched The Office or The Mindy Project, then you know how funny Mindy Kaling is. She can deliver a one-liner like no other and she writes hilarious Twitter posts. Not only is she funny as can be, but she also knows how to stay real, which makes here even more adorable. She can make her audience happy with the words she speaks and the words she writes.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

This actress is truly funny, especially when she is being herself. She can act in practically any role and when she wins her numerous awards, her fans get to see how amazing she is when she is not acting. Her unexpected falls, star-struck moments, and genuine niceness has made her one of the funniest people in Hollywood.

3. Issa Rae

“The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” turned this funny girl into a household name. She is gorgeous and hilarious to boot. Her mockumentaries show her skills and it is obvious why so many people turn to her YouTube productions so frequently.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE