7 of the Female Celebrities Who Should Be Comedians


4. Anna Kendrick

Her Twitter posts are some of the funniest ones online today. She can easily connect with her fans and she commands the big screen with her honest looks and style. You can catch her @AnnaKendrick47 and see her clever tweets that discuss everyday problems like popping zits and misspelling words.

5. Rashida Jones

Ms. Jones is able to be a funny woman, but without making them look dorky. On “Parks and Rec” as well as “The Office” she really showed her acting ability and her comedy skills.

6. Emma Stone

Some many people love Emma Stone because she seems to real. Her girl next door looks and her sweet silliness has endeared to her fans. Her silly faces show up on Tumblr and those faces make her even more special for her fans. She gets her sense of humor from her family, who encouraged her to follow her dreams and enjoy life along the way.

7. Raven-Symoné

She was once the idol of young girls everywhere and now she has grown up into a woman who can command an audience and make them laugh. Her real personality makes her fans adore her and her skills with a one-liner make her fans laugh. She would be a true star on the comedy stage.