7 Fitness Tips for Brides


Brides want to have a fit and toned body to show off on her wedding day. The only way for a bride to look fit and toned is to actually exercise, because nothing else will give the look. There are several tips that brides can use to get their bodies to look sculpted and fit on their wedding day.  These are seven of the best tips:

1. Keep a Food Diary

Brides who keep food diaries are more likely to lose weight, which helps enhance the beauty of toned muscles.


 Brides who are aware of what they eat helps them learn about their eating habits and makes them more responsible for taking control of healthy eating habits. When women begin to keep track of their food intake through the day, they notice how much snacking they do while sitting at work or watching television.

2. Change Up Your Workouts

When women get bored with their workouts, they lose interest in working out in general. Adding variety to your workout routine makes exercising more than a routine. Brides should try out yoga classes to work on stretching and strengthening the body. When is the last time you saw a yoga instructor with flabby arms? You probably can’t remember because yoga tones the arms so well.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE