7 Foods for the Vegan Diet



There are many of us who may appreciate the vegan diet but feel that it’s difficult to always find foods and eat foods that fit into that category. This is why we have created a list of vegan groceries that may surprise

you. There isn’t any secret that this type of diet can aid in your health as well as allow you to lose weight – therefore, more and more people are choosing it. The best part about it is you probably aren’t even aware of half of the delicious foods out there that fall into the vegan diet.

1. Oreos

Did you know that Oreos would fall into the vegan diet? This is a cookie that is made up of chocolate and cream do you would assume that there are milk products in it.


 For many years, there were but just recently the filling is made up of vegetable oil, which allows it to fall into a vegan diet. Do make sure that it’s the same ingredient for the brand in other countries due to the fact that they are still created with lard in others.


Image Source: happyhealthylonglife

2. Refried beans

Did you know that the refried beans don’t always contain animal lard? There are some Old El Paso Fat free refried beans that have no animal lard in it whatsoever. These taste good and are good for you as well.

3. Mashed potatoes

There are some mashed potatoes that you can find at the grocery stores that contain milk products, and that is why vegans will usually make their own at home – although, the Washington Instant Mashed Potatoes contain no animal product in them whatsoever. If you want a quick meal and easy potatoes then try these out.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE