7 Fun Nail Art Decals



If you are tired of wearing the same solid colored or glittery nails every few weeks, you should consider nail art decals because these decals add flair to your nails without spending a ton of money at the pedicure or manicure shop. Many of these nail art decals can be done by yourself and there is no limit to the amount of designs you can put on your nails. Here are seven fun nail art decals for your nails.

1. Halloween Nail Art Decals 

Since Halloween is coming up in two months, it is not too late to purchase a few Halloween nail art decals for your nails. These nails come in designs such as witch, spider webs and bats. These decals are great to put on your kids’ nails before they go trick or treating and these decals also work for Halloween parties.

2. Christmas Nail Art Decals

If you want your nails to look different for your next Christmas, you can purchase and apply Christmas-themed nail art decals to your nails. They come in images such as snowflakes, jingle bells, snowmen, elves and tiny bows that represent gifts. You can find these decals at Etsy.com and other online crafts sites.

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3. Hello Kitty Nail Art Stickers from Sephora

If you are a teenage girl who loves all things Hello Kitty, you can buy and apply the Hello Kitty nail art stickers to your nails. These stickers work well for beauty activities at a slumber party or a Hello Kitty-themed birthday party. These stickers are also affordable.