7 Fun Ways To Wear Your Eyeliner With Minimal Effort



Eyeliner is an important tool in wearing beautiful makeup and there are diverse and fun ways you can wear your eyeliner. Here are seven fun ways to wear your eyeliner in a simple way.

1. Halloween Cat Eye Look

Here is how you can get the Halloween cat eye look by using eyeliner. First you want to apply a thick black or dark brown eyeliner along the top of your eyelashes and then apply the liquid eyeliner along the corner of your eyelids. After you do this you would apply a dark eye pencil or liquid eyeliner across the bottom of the eyes and do it at a 45-degree angle to complete the look.






2. Punk Rock/Goth Eyes

To achieve the punk rock or goth look on your eyes, you would purchase a specialized eyeliner that is designed for creating designs on the eyes, and then you would paint goth-style designs all over the outer areas of the eye with the eyeliner. Some good designs include raindrops and swirls.

3. Bold Red Eyes

You do not always have to use black or blue eyeliner in order to create a dramatic look because you can apply red eyeliner to your eyelids, eyelashes and near the corners of your eyes. Start by applying black eyeliner and mascara to your eyelids then proceed with the red eyeliner. Finish by curling your eyelashes and putting on additional mascara on the lashes.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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