7 Fun Ways To Wear Your Eyeliner With Minimal Effort



4. Fairy Eyeliner Style

To achieve this style, you want to take blue, violet, yellow or green eyeliner and draw tiny designs near the eyelids, under the eyes and in the corners of the eyes. Some good designs to use include vines, flowers, fairies and fruits. Make sure that you do not go overboard because it will take away from the overall look.


Another idea for wearing your eyeliner is wearing it 80s style. To pull off this look, you want to first apply sparkling pink, blue or even red eyeshadow to your eyelids as a base and then you would put on a thick dark-colored eyeliner that adds the drama to your eye makeup. Finish the look with a thick black mascara.


6. Japanese Eyeliner Style

Here is how you can have the Japanese anime look with the right eyeliner technique. First you would apply a white or light-colored eye primer on the eyelids and after you do this you want to take the eyeliner and draw a thin line across the top part of your eyelids and then add a few layers of dark mascara on the lashes.

7. Glittery Look

You can achieve this look by putting on an eyeliner that has built-in glitter on your eyelids and with this simple tool you can get a fantastic look. Some good colors to choose include blue, green, purple and tan. In conclusion, when you spice up your makeup routine, you will be more excited about dressing up in your new ouftits.


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