7 Gorgeous and Simple Beach Hairstyles for Summer


I love the summer because it is possible for me to wear cute beach hairstyles whenever I like. Beach hairstyles are very gorgeous and simple, and the styles could be from messy and fun to sleek and pulled back. These are some of the beach hairstyles I love.

Beach Hairstyles for Summer
Beach Hairstyles for Summer

Image Source: spoki.tvnet

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1. Beautiful Buns

The bun is one of the most classic and my favorite of all beach hairstyles because it can be made sleek and extremely chic, while it is also possible to throw it on the top of the head the way you like, and you will still look good. I like accessorizing my buns with cute things like a bow and a bandana.

2. Fancy French

When in water, I have noticed that French braids are some of the best beach hairstyles because they make it possible for me to remove my hair from my face, without my beauty being negatively affected, while also making my hair not to be too tangled. Another thing is that you will always be on the right side when using sunglasses and French braids, as these were made for one another.

3. Side Swept Pony

Many of my friends consider the side ponytail to be one of the best beach hairstyles, as you would look cute in it. At the beach, the side ponytail is good because it is maintenance free, carefree, and lets the right place have attention: your face.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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