7 Gorgeous and Simple Beach Hairstyles for Summer


4. Young, Wavy and Free

During the day, from the beach, wavy and free hair is a simple beach hairstyle because it allows the hair to breathe, and even though I can sometimes do a heat and product overload, I do not need to be worried about the health of my hair. This is the look which is not only healthy for the hair, but is as well glamorous. No fight, no fuss; just daylight and frizz.

5. Bold and Braided

I personally consider this to be the best beach hairstyle because the braided accents make it possible for you to dress up any of those hairstyles I mentioned before; also, they provide the perfect bohemian vibe. Only a small piece of hair braid is what needs to be taken all the way down, and having the hair secured using elastic, or just having it pinned back into a bun. That also looks good and exotic.

6. Boho-Braid and Buns

Buns is now getting popular among those who love beach hairstyles, especially braids, our favorite. Taking 3 or 4 pieces of braided hair, pulling them back into a sleek one or a messy bun gives you the right look anytime.

7. Halo

Halo is also one of the beach hairstyles for you, though it is somehow more time-consuming than many other beach hairstyles. This should not discourage you, as it is effortless and chic at the same time. Part the hair in the middle, then braid each of the sides, finally positioning and applying bobby pin to each braid. With accessories added here and there, you would look even more fabulous.

From bold buns to heavenly halos, with these 7 hairstyles, you will have the look you desire, making those who see you to be spellbound. You do not need to worry about heat when using these styles, while they even take just a few minutes to do. These are some of the most carefree and my favorite beach hairstyles.

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