7 Gorgeous and Simple Beach Hairstyles You Should Try This Summer


7. Halo

Finishing up the list for beach hairstyles is the halo. The halo takes a tad longer to do than most beach hairstyles, but it is definitely the one hairstyle that is chic, effortless, and tasteful all at the same time. Part your hair done the middle, then braid each side, and finally position and bobby pin each braid. Adding accessories here and there just makes this look even more fabulous. You never know what a halo can get you if you never wear one.

From heavenly halos to bold buns, these 7 hairstyles will definitely keep your pictures looking wonderful and your hair feeling healthy. These styles are all no heat and take no longer than 5 minutes. These are just a few of my favorite and most carefree beach hairstyles. I hope you enjoy them. Can you let us know how these work out for you?