7 Great Hair Rules for Women


It can be a tough job to keep your hair looking great but also healthy. Unfortunately, once you start losing the health the look is impossible. There are a few things you can do to limit your styling damage while still making sure your hair looks great every time.

Hair Rules for Women
Hair Rules for Women

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1.Choose a Shape that is Easy

Don’t work against your hair. You want your hair to have a shape and a style. That means you need to pick a shape that your hair is not going to fight against. While you can go another direction sometimes, try to stay with what your hair likes to do and then build a style from there.

2.Don’t Skimp on Maintenance

It is so easy to not go in for a haircut or to skip deep treatments but this is death for your hair. Once ends begin to split, the damage grows and the look deteriorates. Take the time to do the proper maintenance for your hair type.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE