7 Great Hair Rules for Women


3.Patch Test for New Products

Whether it is do-it-yourself color or just a new product, patch test your hair. Usually everything is fine, but you don’t want to put something on your hair all over to find out that it isn’t. Don’t become a horror story for others to learn from.

Basic Hairstyle Tips and More

4.Be Kind to Your Hair

This means taking the time to do detangling while it is dry, avoiding metal pieces on hair bands and even using heat protectants. All of these little steps help keep your hair healthy over time. You will notice a big difference after you are gentle with your hair for a while.

5.Spend the Money on the Right Tools

Straightening irons and good blow dryers can be a bit expensive. These items tend to last a long time and are worth the investment. If the machines cause less damage and are better for your hair, you will have a style that always looks good. Cheap items tend to have to be replaced often.

6.Don’t Overdo It

You don’t have to do a ton to your hair to make it look great. If you are working hairstyles that take a ton of steps, reconsider what you are doing. This causes damage and takes up much of your time. Pick simple and cute hairstyles, as you are more likely to stick with the protocols.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE