7 Great Methods of Hiding Your Tired Face Using Cosmetics


1. Bronze or Gold Makeup

This works well for a tired face because bronze or gold makeup blends well in most skin tones unless your skin tone is very pale. Make sure you rub in the gold or bronze makeup evenly on the face and also appply a bronze concealer inder the eyes to hide the dark circles or puffiness under the eyes.

2. Don’t Use Oil Based Cosmetics

You should not use oil based cosmetics to hide a tired face and eyes because these cosmetics easily smudge and they only draw more attention to your tired face. It is better to buy oil-free cosmetics to hide the tiredness in your face.






3. Wear Foundation

This is essential in hiding a tired face because the foundation successfully hides the dark circles under the eyes. When you choose a foundation, choose one that best matches your skin tone and you test out different samples at the counter before choosing one. Creamy foundations are better than powdered foundations since they blend in the skin better.

4. Get Eyebrows Tweezed

When you have thinner eyebrows, people will not notice the puffiness and tiredness in your eyes. You should get the eyebrows tweezed every few weeks so that your eyes will look beautiful despite how tired you feel after a long night out with friends.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE