7 Great Tips for Using Mascara


If you think that you have heard all the tips for using mascara, then here are even more that are essential to getting the right look. The beauty world is always discovering new ways that you can make your lashes look even better than they do; therefore, you have to keep yourself up on the latest trends and secrets.

1. Color

There is a lesser-known tip that women know about, and it is the colored mascaras.  If you use black from the roots to about three quarters up and then coat it with brown, you can make your eyelashes look a lot bigger and a lot longer. There are some artists who will even coat the top with black and then the bottom with brown. Try to experiment with it and see what works best for you.

2. Layer

The next step that isn’t as unheard of is layering your mascara. There are many ladies who do not like the natural look and would preferably stand out. If you can layer a few different kinds of mascara, then it can give you great results. There are some makeup artists who will use up to four different mascaras and mix them with full brushes. Use a thin brush for the lower lashes and inner corners to separate them and define them.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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