7 Great Ways to Maintain Beauty and Youth



I am always in search for the ways through which I can stay young and beautiful. Because of this, I do lots of research, buy the best products, and practice what I learn from the research to ensure that my skin and health do not change as I age. At the beach, I wear SPF hats; I treat myself to massages; I set goals for myself; etc. Today, these are some of the ways to look young and beautiful:

Maintain Beauty
Maintain Beauty

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1. Stop Stressing Yourself Out

One of the main reasons why some people look older than what they are is because they are sostressed out about various situations. You should learn to relax and try to focus on the positive things in life. Call friends, read a book, pray, watch a wholesome movie or take a nap wheneveryou get stressed out. When things do not seem to be working well for you, you should take part in Pilates, meditate, treat yourself to a massage, or attend a yoga class.You will have more understanding of your body you will have as you get older, thus knowing the exercises which work to release the stress and tension.

2. Keep The Skin Softened

Dryness in the skin is not good if you want to look young and beautiful. Wash your face daily with a facial cleanser that has built-in moisturizer and good skin vitamins such as vitamin A andvitamin E. You should moisturize your skin in the morning and again at night before going to bed. Aside from moisturizing lotion, you can also moisturize your skin with essential oils, cocoa butter or shea butter.






3. Exercise Frequently

Another thing you need to do if you want to stay young is to exercise more during the day and this is not just aerobics or getting on a treadmill. If your job is not far from your home, you can walk to work or take public transit there instead of driving. If you need to go on errands, park the car a few blocks away from the building so you can get in exercise. Instead of riding the elevator, take the stairs. Go jogging in the park before or after work. Yoga helps with flexibility, stress and posture, and in addition to being a body workout, it is a mind workout. The cells of your body will have the right oxygen level through the breathing done in the yoga session, thus removing toxins from the cells, making the skin radiant. Through daily exercises, you will be able to twist, bend, and lift objects around the home, even at old age.