7 Horrible Tattoos to Avoid


It never fails that some people get embarrassing tattooed onto their body. Some of them are cliché, ridiculous and purposeless. Some of them fail to remember that these images are on their bodies permanently.


1. Celebrity Faces

The concept of idolizing other people is kind of bizarre. Although, it’s a great thing to have role models and people that we can relate to in the spot light – it gets a bit silly when their faces or names are tattooed on somebody else. What if that celebrity were to commit a murder later on in their life? You probably won’t want that tattoo anymore would you?

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2. Cartoon Characters

Unless the character has something to do with an important part of your life, it looks a bit childish and silly to get cartoon characters, such as Tweety Bird, tattooed onto your body. I think it’s best to avoid anything Childs cartoon.

3. Movie Memorabilia

Although there are some epic memorabilia such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, getting tattoos of the characters or concepts in the movie is not a great idea. Even if you are a die-hard fan of the movies and what they are based around – the idea is really corny and you might get made fun of by other people!….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE