7 Hot Nail Trends for Fall


Nail trends are constantly changing throughout the seasons. During the fall there’s no need to worry being that the colors are a bit more low-key and classy. Before you decide to make any big decision on your nails, check out the following palette suggestions These are the latest trends that are easy to work with and go with any outfit.

1. Go Nude

After years of doing the same thing to your nails such as the typical French manicure, relax a bit and go for a nude color. All of the shades of nude are easy to work with and they go with absolutely everything. All of the shades are a must have this fall. Instead of spending your money on white lines, go with nude. They are easy to apply yourself as well.


 2. Purple Tones

Its fun to play around with all of the different purple tones during the fall Both Chanel and Alexander McQueen decided to mix purple, gray and black together in order to make the perfect fall color. Try an eggplant or lilac look this year..READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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