7 Hot Tips to Prevent Hair Tangles and Knots


4 – Put away hairdryers, hair curlers and straightening irons.

The more heated tools you use on your hair, the greater the chance to strands become damaged and the more likely they are to tangle, knot and fall out. Not only are the dryer strands more likely to tangle, but curly hairstyles also contribute to this problem. Unfortunately for women with naturally curly hair, he did straightening irons can also cause problems. If you do opt to use hairdryers, hair curlers and straighteners, try using a lower heat setting or make sure to protect your hair with sufficient moisturizers or treatments. A application of hairspray can actually help each strand stay smooth so they do not tangle together as easily.

5 – Do not use bleach or harsh hair dyes.

Any type of heat or over washing destroys natural oils in your hair, but chemical bleach and hair dye are some of the worst offenders. These products are designed to destroy the outer layer of your hair so the color soaks in. The process hair is drier and unprotected, which leads to knots and tangles. If you repeatedly bleach and dye your hair, the strands may be permanently damaged and a drastic haircut may be the only option.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE