7 Hot Tips to Prevent Hair Tangles and Knots


6 – Find a moisturizing cream or detangling spray to help.

Many beauty salons and stores that carry hair care products have multiple detangling sprays and moisturizing creams for sale. These products work by forming a smooth sheets around each hair strand which makes them much easier to get the knots and tangles out.

7 – Use only a comb with very wide teeth.

Although keeping each hair strand and the follicles healthy will help you prevent knots and tangles, there is always the possibility of getting some anyway. If this occurs, the best way to get rid of them is by using a wide tooth comb and working slowly from the ends of the hair back up toward your scalp. Never rush or just yank the comb through knots as this will cause additional breakage and trouble down the road. As you work the comb through the knots, a spot of detangler or even jojoba or all of oil can help make it easier.

If you want to be able to run a comb through your hair without damaging it or having any pain, you need to address all the causes of knots and tangles. Keep your hair and scalp healthy with the right products, avoid heated element tools like curling irons and straighteners and take the time to remove any knots that do occur patiently.