7 Hot Travel Trends


There are various travel destinations that are trending, but there are preferences amongst tourists. Hot travel trends will help tourists in picking out the most fitting destination for a vacation depending on what they want to experience and explore. By seeing the most important ‘travel trends for 2013’ you can discover places that you were unaware and uncover the beauty in hidden places on a budget.

Make sure that you plan one of the best travel destinations for 2013 according to what you want to experience, what your style is and what you prefer in travel

1. Basilicata, Italy

There is a place in Italy that is a coastal region, Basilicata, which has made the list for one of the best travel destinations for 2013.


 The Palazzo Margherita was a hotel that was opened by Ford Coppola and this was the home town of his grandfather. Most tourists come for the beach and decide to stay due to the rich culture and food.

2. Roatán, Honduras

Roatan, Honduras is a gorgeous island which had to be included on the list of the hottest travel trends. This is in part due to the ecotourism and the diving that this area is extremely well known for. This is a beautiful island that offers the most invigorating Caribbean experience at half the price most islands would cost.

3. Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica

This is a gorgeous bay that is located in Costa Rica, which borders the well known national marine park. The bay is surrounded by jungle and beautiful mountains, which make it the most exclusive and tropical get way on the list for hot travel trends. One of the biggest reasons why tourists come to this location is due to the migrating whales and the eco-resorts.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE