7 Items To Make Your Bedroom More Sensual


6. Chandeliers

Just placing a medium-sized chandelier on the bedroom ceiling is an excellent way to add romance to the bedroom and you do not have to use the traditional glass chandelier or brass chandelier because now you can purchase a red or black chandelier.

7. Flowers in A Vase

Flowers always add a romantic touch to bedrooms and you can purchase two large vases and place flowers in them. Some good flowers to use include tulips, violets, roses, water liles and orchids. You can also spray a little perfume on the flowers so that they will smell wonderful.


Your bedroom should be romantic oases where you and your spouse can express the love you have for each other on a regular basis. Take the computer, radio and TV out the bedroom because it takes away from the romance in the bedroom. Paint the walls in light colors so that the bedroom will look relaxing and not gaudy. Add a few vintage items such as mirrors, antique lamps and door panels to create an old school feel to the bedroom. Avoid doing office tasks or eating in the bedroom but instead use this bedroom primarily for conversation, getting dressed, sex and sleeping. Finally, do not be afraid to use bold designs when decorating.