7 Makeup Terms that You should Lookout For


When it comes to makeup, there is always something new. That means understanding the new terminology and finding a way to incorporate it with your current beauty regimen. You don’t have to do everything, but there are some terms you should learn as it might make a difference in the way you utilize makeup. In order to understand makeup tips there are a few terms you should really know.

1. Waterline

This sounds like something in the sink or that would be on the side of a river. Instead what it means is the area of your eyelid that is at the base of your eye and is slightly moist. This is where you should put your eyeliner to really make it pop. In addition it tends to help it stay put better.


 2. Original Glow

This is a product that walks the line between a shimmer and a matte. Your skin naturally has some shine to it so a total matte finish is not natural looking. Original glow seeks to provide you with just the right amount of shine to look totally natural and not artificial. It can be found in some lotions and even in a bronzer.

3. Matte

Matte is talked about a lot and can be used with a variety of different products. Most often it is discussed when it comes to foundation. It gives a smooth yet not shiny finish to your skin. There is no glimmer, just a natural looking skin color. You can also find eyeshadows that are matte in base and even lipsticks. In base or foundation it tends to reduce shine all day.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE