7 Mandatory Summer Activities



During the summer there is an endless amount of things that you can do to enjoy your down time and get out of town for awhile. There are some fantastic things to do during the summer such as take a road trip and go sight-seeing. The following are activities that you must partake in order to live your summer to the fullest!

1. Go to the Water Park

We all know those days when it’s too hot too even function. Those are the days that you should definitely take advantage of your local water park. Although they can be busy when it’s really warm and they smell a bit like chlorine, it’s worth it all! There are areas that you can let the young ones go play in while you lay out in the sun on a lawn chair. That sounds like paradise, doesn’t it?






2. Take a Trip to the Beach

Although this is the most obvious road trip to take during the warm seasons, going on a trip to the beach can never do you wrong. Even if the beach is jam packed or if the weather is a little over cast, staying in a hotel next to the ocean is the most relaxing vacation. There are tons of activities to do at the beach as well depending on where you go. You can get your cardio on by giving skim boarding a try or simply riding bikes on the beach. You can also go to the dunes and ride around in sand buggies.

3. Plan a BBQ

Summer is the best time to plan a BBQ and get everybody together. This is always fun, even if you don’t have a pool. You can get all of your friends and family together to enjoy each other’s company and drink the night away. You can even meet at a park somewhere if a lot of kids are around so that they have something to do.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE