7 Mary Kay Cosmetic Items You Will Surely Love


Mary Kay is one of the favorite brands for women all income groups due to their economical rates and an amazing variety of fine cosmetics. Right from foundations to eye makeup, this brand has something for everyone. However, there are certain cosmetic items in which the brand remains unmatched and should, therefore, be a part of every woman’s makeup routine. Here are seven Mary Kay cosmetics you will fall in love with for sure.

1. Nourishine Plus lip gloss

One reason why many women stay away from lip glosses is their stickiness, which is bothersome especially when they eat something and the crumbs get stuck to their lips. With Nourishine Plus, Mary Kay has managed to present a lip moisturizing product that softens the lips without the tackiness. This collection comprises 14 matte and shimmery tints, which are great for any time of the day.


2. Mineral Powder face foundation

The mineral foundation happens to be an innovative creation of the brand, providing an evenly spreading foundation without the cakey effect. The best thing about this product is that through its 12 tints, it caters to almost every skin tone.

3. Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover

While other products of its kind are usually oil-based and leave an oily residue on the skin around the eye, this impressive eye makeup remover from Mary Kay is extremely effective in removing even the darkest of makeup hues without any sticky remnants. With its mild effect on the skin, it is even recommended for women whose skins are sensitive.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE