7 Metabolism Boosting Foods



You can increase your metabolism through the help of certain foods, even though, in reality, you cannot lose weight through shortcuts. Apart from getting plenty of sleep and sipping on green tea, there are many foods which can be used to do the job. As these foods are added to your diet, you are able to shed some pounds easily. You should not forget that these foods, along with many efforts and exercise, will work as a support mechanism for fat loss, and boost your metabolism.

1. Hot and Spicy Peppers

The reason why hot peppers boost metabolism is because they contain capsaicin, which is an
enzyme that leads to weight loss through the speeding up of your metabolic system. Spices alsocause an increase in metabolism and if you eat spicy foods every few days, you will see a gradual weight loss.





Through capsaicin hot peppers generate heat, thus increasing the metabolism of your body, and making the calories to burn for many hours. Spices, including hot peppers, are very good for those who want to have increase in their metabolic rate.

2. Citrus Fruits

Most citrus fruits such as grapefruit, kiwi and oranges are not only high in vitamin C but theyalso boost your metabolism. It is the vitamin C in citrus fruits that decrease insulin levels andthis is a good thing because you consume food better, leading to better metabolism rates.

3. Yogurt

You may not associate yogurt with a boost in metabolism but it actually does wonders for yourmetabolism. This is because yogurt has plenty of calcium and foods that have plenty of calciumhelp with increasing your metabolism levels. With Greek yogurt, your body will have the needed energy. This food also helps to regulate your digestive tract and build lean muscle mass.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE