7 Methods to Taking Care of Acrylic Nails



Having acrylic nails can be difficult unless you know how to take care of them. There are ways to care for them so that they last long and remain polished. They are beautiful artificial nails and can look great with unique designs on them. Make these nails last longer with the following tips and tricks.

1. Avoid Pressure

Be very careful with acrylic nails and make sure that you do not apply too much pressure to them because they can break off very easily when there are long extensions applied

2. Cuticle Cream

Using cuticle cream or oil every night is going to help you before you go to sleep. After you shower and have done what you need to do, apply the oil so that you can keep your nails soft and moist. This is going to prevent dry skin from building up around your nails as well.

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3. File them Consistently

When it looks like your nails are growing make sure that you file them routinely in order to maintain their shape. If you have long acrylic nails they can become brittle quickly. Keep a glass file handy and file them one way.

4. Keep Gloves On

If you are commonly exposed to harsh chemicals you are going to want to keep gloves on so that they do not affect the health of your nails. Detergents also have strong chemicals in them and they can affect acrylic nails. Wear gloves to make them last longer.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE