7 Mistakes Preventing Weight Loss



There are some very important habits which can hinder weight loss and lead to overeating.

 1) Eating large portions of food at restaurants

Too often when people visit restaurants, they tend to order the really large portions of food that takes two people to eat. Avoid the buffet-style restaurants where all-you-can-eat specials occur because you will be tempted to eat more than you need to and this causes a hindrance in weight loss. As for other types of restaurants, order a light meal that has the fewest calories but that will still make you full. It also helps to drink water or eat a salad before the main meal arrives.

2) Not Getting Enough Sleep

For those who stay up late night after night, you are hindering your weight loss goals by not getting enough sleep at night according to some medical doctors. You should get six to hours of sleep at night and if possible, a long nap in the middle of the day so that your body will have stronger metabolism.

3) Eating Right Without Exercising

Have you ever wondered why you still struggle with weight loss even when you changed your dietary habits? It is because you are not burning those calories on a regular basis. After breakfast and dinner, you should get in at least thirty minutes to an hour of physical activity so that you can keep the excess pounds off.